Sự Kiện


Vietnamese Women’s Day is celebrated yearly in Vietnam on October 20th just like International Women's Day on March 8th.

Today is a very special occasion for the celebration of not only love and beauty of women but also social and economic achievement in Vietnam.

Vietnam has changed a lot on the last years. Vietnamese Women’s Day also shows how nearly leveled equality between men and women has been achieved in recent years.  For example, recently the ratio of women studying at universities and joining the workforce has been increasing steadily. 


Though this is not a public holiday, Vietnamese women will be received beautiful flowers, message cards and gifts with the best wishes from their families, husbands and male colleagues.


All TTV gentlemen without exception celebrate and appreciate our ladies’ work, and they held the Thanks Event for ladies with special gifts.

Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day 2017!!

We hope for women’s further success and best luck!