Tin Tức



As of June 17th 2017, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) change all fixed phone number in Vietnam by adding an extra number "2" at the beginning the current number.






Transcosmos Technologic Arts office phone and fax number will be changed as follows:



Current telephone number: +84 8 3920 1276 will be changed to +84 (0)28 3920 1276  



Current fax number: +84 8 3920 2031 will be changed to +84 (0)28 3920 2031






From June 17th 2017 till July 16th, the old numbers are still functional.



As of July 17th, the use of the old numbers will be discontinued; therefore, anybody dialing to fixed telephone lines in Vietnam has to add an extra “2” at the beginning of their number accordingly.