Following last internship program from Japan, two Japanese students have been working at transcosmos Technologic Arts (TTV) since 16th August!

We believe that a practical working experience carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market because today’s labor market tends to demand resumes with relevant work history, whether that’s from internships, volunteer work, or job experience.

The internship program provides benefits not only for students but also for TTV. Thanks to inviting Japanese students, we could have many opportunities to practice Japanese language with them.

We would like to introduce them and share their voice!



Hi, nice to meet you.  My name is Momona, studying business marketing at university in Japan. My hobby is travel.

This is the first time for me to visit Vietnam, so I’m so excited.

When I arrived here, I was surprised because there are so many motor bikes around.

As my first impression, Vietnamese people and food are so nice!

Through this internship program, I wanted to experience working with non-Japanese people because we have different cultures, life style and mindset.

This is why I came here!

I’m really glad that I could see you guys and work together. TTV members are very kind and helping us.

I felt that I should be more helpful to them. I'll try my best!

Thank you.


Hi I'm Shiho. Nice to meet you.

I have been working at TTV as an internship from the University in Osaka for approximately one month.

I decided to participate on this internship program because I’m interested in working abroad.

I also thought that it’s a good opportunity to know and try out my ability in a new environment outside Japan.

Other than my skill improvement, I want to enjoy daily life and improve my communication with TTV employees.  

I really would like to feel Vietnamese culture and lifestyle.

Thank you.


Thank you Monami and Shiho!

Good luck with your work and we hope that you have a great experience here in Vietnam!