Fortunately, the opportunity of the seventh onsite training which lasts for almost three months has been given to four members since the middle of May.

TTV has cooperated with transcosmos inc. in order to realize more efficient system development in near future, and we have regularly sent our engineers since 2015.

The four members have attended training courses aimed to improve their technical and soft skills, and they are going to share these skills to all TTV members after they go back to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

There are only less than two weeks to the training ends, but we would like to introduce their real voice from Tokyo!


Q1:  TTV sent total four members to transcosmos Tokyo, but how many people visited Japan for the first time this time? 

Mr. Tu: 3 members. It is the first time experience for most of us except me.

Q2: How was the life in Tokyo during 3 months? Is there any surprising thing after you came to Japan?

Mr De: The environment of Japan is clean, airy, quiet, and people are very conscious. To live in Tokyo is my dream!!

Mr Duc: The life in Tokyo is very good with fresh air and delicious food. Everything in the city is organized by automatization, and the subway is very modern and convenient.  Japanese people are very polite, thoughtful and conscious.

Mr Tung: Just as Duc do, the subway is so amazing! The environment is good with fresh air and good traffic but rather far distance for work. Japanese food is nice with reasonable price.


Q3: Please tell us the impression of the employees who are working at transcosmos inc. office in Tokyo


Mr De: All staffs work professionally and always focus on their work.  I sometimes worry about their daily work which is too much because I usually see they work overtime.

Mr Duc: All staffs are hard-working and sometime excited in discussion.

Mr Tung: A bit humorous, often busy and rush. 



Besides the training, they have visited and enjoyed sightseeing some famous spots in Japan.

Thanks to the on-site program, we could form a much strong bond between colleagues on both sites. The members who joined will bring their experiences from Japan and share with their colleagues at TTV with a very positive impact for all the company.