We provide services of building the front system of EC site with EC-CUBE (on-premis) and Shopify (cloud). About EC-CUBE, we have implemented projects using EC-CUBE 4.x latest version. Building of EC front system is suitable for the following customers: 1. EC's business activities is on track, and want to expand the functions of the website. 2. To achieve greater automation by linking with our own system such as the core system. 3. To make a websiteEC site that is different from other companies.



ECCUBE is an open source package that boasts the No. 1 share in Japan, user can use the free of charge.

In Japan, there are many EC sites built using EC-CUBE, it is a reliable platform. The community of developers and site owners is also active, so it is easy to solve any question.


A wealth of design templates and plugins

EC-CUBE has many free and paid Design Template and Plugin. It is software created from Japan, including most of the functions needed to do business in Japan. Allows us to customize and combine these according to your business style to build a site that aims to improve usability and differentiate from other companies.


Management screen with excellent operability

The operation screen is intuitive and easy to understand, is easy to designed and use for first-time site owners. For example, order management screen, you can check detailed information for each order at a glance, and transit smoothly to the next processing.By improving efficiency the management screen with excellent operability, It helps for saving time in order to concentrate on other main business such as product planning and measures to attract customers.



Shopify - a largest EC platform in the world.

Shopify is a cloud-based EC platform born in Canada. The market share is expanding rapidly and the number of stores has exceeded 1,000,000 by June 2019.


A wealth of additional features by the app store

Shopify provides an app store, so it's possible to add functions to the EC website just like installing apps on your smartphone. It is divided into categories such as customer satisfaction improvement, sales promotion tools, and shipping, allows to search and install apps used around the world.


Start cooperation with "Rakuten Ichiba"

From April 2020, Shopify and Rakuten Ichiba sales channel cooperation has started. By using Rakuten Ichiba as a sales channel from the Shopify site, it allows to perform operations such as product registration, warehouse management and order management from the Shopify management screen.