TTV regularly sets up a Town Hall Meeting to share the company's current situation and future direction and strategy for all employees. We believe that the meeting helps to clarify the company’s vision, leading everyone to work together as one team towards the goal.

In the latest meeting, which was taken place in the beginning of November 2017, we announced what we achieved in Q3 and shared our vision for next year.


Some key points highlighted during the presentation were related with the steady growth on the number of employees and projects delivered since the establishment of the company and specially during the first three quarters of 2017. Our CFO highlighted the latest finance achievements, such as the growth of revenue and profit on Q3 that exceeded the planned expectations.


During the meeting, our COO highlighted some projects that were delivered on Q3 utilizing latest technologies such as Chat Bot, AI/Machine Learning and Social Gear. This showed TTV’s direction to focus on the latest technologies with continuous innovation and high added value propositions to our customers in Global and Japan markets.

Thanks to our expansion into many different market the onsite training opportunities have been increasing steadily as well.

During 2014-2016, a total of 26 employees visited to Japan for training.  In this year, 17 people are already in Japan, one to Thailand, and one to Philippines. Thanks to the global presence of transcosmos, there are many opportunities to collaborate and work on-site on many different locations around the world.