TTV has many opportunities for Onsite-Training in Japan for our employees. This business training is available for all members in TTV that have good performance in their working process.

Last July, one on-site training was imparted in Shibuya (Tokyo) and another one in Osaka by the end of July. The engineers attended training courses aimed to improve their technical and soft skills, working style, with a special program suitable for TTV’s engineers.


Two members participated in the Shibuya on-site program for 3 months.


For Osaka on-site, 6 TTV members participated in the training, and some of them came back to HCM last week.

Besides, during the weekend, they enjoyed sightseeing some famous spots and tried a lot of Japanese food. 

This is one of the most prominent temples in Nara prefecture. The engineers were very interested in discovering various famous places in Japan after their working hours. Moreover, the trip was not only an opportunity for them to participate in a helpful training but also immersing on the Japanese culture, a very precious and valuable experience for them.

Thanks to the on-site program, the collaboration between Japan and Vietnam becomes closer, forming a much strong bond between colleagues on both sites. The members who joined will bring their experiences from Japan and share with their colleagues at TTV with a very positive impact for all the company.