On special day 8th March, this is a big holiday for women. Most companies often organize activities in many ways such as giving flowers, gifts for them and TTV is very pleased to organize a contest called “Non La amazing” for women’s TTV.

This is one of the activities of TTV connection program 2019. Each team will have at least 3 female & 2-3 male to decorate “Non La” (it is a Asia conical hat) within 45 minutes. It shown with various ways such as painting, cutting & pasting.

After 45 minutes, the TTV’s judges had made a very difficult decision for teams. And, there was the result :

The 1st prize for ChatBot team with a meaningful presentation.

And, the 3rd prize for the creativity of Drupal team.

At the end of the contest, TTV Trade Union handed over the bunch of flower fro TTV’s women on the International Women’s day.

Wish all of them a beauty, joy and health.