Continued from the interview by Mr Margus Heinmaa, we would like to feature Mr Alec Bedzir from Vaimo this time. 

It was 3rd times for him to work with TTV Magento members at transcosmos Technologic Arts in Ho Chi Minh City, and he stayed around 2 months this time.

Let’s check following interview that is quite interesting!!



Q1) It was 3rd times for you visiting to TTV, but do you think that TTV employees have improved their skills in good direction?

Focused and Motivated – these are two words describing best our TTV Magento team. Every time I see guys after a short break I capture a couple of metrics we use at Vaimo to measure performance and productivity. And every time there are positive changes both in technical skills level and communication aspect (latter is not easy as in our work apart from Vietnamese we use English and Japanese languages).

Another important change is teamwork and team morale. We try to break tradition of micromanaging teams and give our guys enough space for building new self-organized teams which in our practice results in better team morale and better performance.

Q2) Is there anything that you struggled at TTV? and why?

Due to the fact that we introduced English as a main language of communication (it was Vietnamese and Japanese before) at the very beginning we faced language related issues. Fortunately as we were progressing with our tasks team felt more and more comfortable with full-time English communication. Moreover, TTV offers an English class which our team regularly attends which makes it clear that in the long run language won't be an issue.

Another thing which makes TTV great is a flat company structure. It's not about internal organisation chart but more about our perception of the company structure. Things start spinning really fast when it takes seconds to organise a quick conversation with the highest level managers like CEO, CTO, COO etc. When every employee is free to share ideas with management directly it provides a very good foundation for fast and sustainable growth through quick feedback and decision making process.

Q3) What is a future challenge for both you and TTV? 

Currently we're in a stage of knowledge transfer and training our Magento development skills. Nevertheless we're anticipating a number of projects on Magento coming soon and one of our main goals is to be as well prepared for the challenge as possible.

Q4) Please give your comment and message to TTV employees.

Vietnam impressed us by booming IT sector and TTV is a good example of a modern IT company with highly skilled software engineers, effective management and well organised processes. Working closely with a couple of TTV teams on day-to-day basis we shared not only lunches and coffee breaks but also our knowledge and passion about things we create. And that was exactly where real teamwork starts. So let's keep it challenging, let's keep it engaging and let's continue!


Thank you for such a great message to us!

Thanks to his aggressive training, many engineers were able to improve not only their Magento skill but also English language, and based on feedback from him, we would like to aim for further improvement.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon at TTV again!