After had been started for one months, the TTV fresher program 2018 have finished on 15th-November with the participation of 8 students from Greenwich University in HCM City.

(Please take a look at the following news as well: )

Students have completed their internship program by Chatbot projects and Connect plus project with a appreciation from their mentors.


With Chatbot project, Mr.Duc (mentor) said that "All of students have their own strengths, and I felt so difficult to choose the best student and I am highly committed to the young talents."

Four freshers with a good performance had been offered in TTV and we were proud of having recruited 57% students from this program for Chatbot project. They have a good knowledge of development, other members were strong in testing. Unfortunately, we didn’t need to recruit for tester in TTV, we hope that they would have a good performances of testing in another environments.

In conclusion, freshers are really young talents. They always need dynamic, creative and friendly environments where they can develop their skills more and more.


Congrats to all !