01 position


+ Based on each project assignment, you will participate in developing technology document, analyse requirement, coding, write and execute unit test. To be in charge of developing middle-complexity function of project

+ Create detail design document, develop technology solution by analyzing customer/ systems requirements

+ Fix bugs and resolve ongoing issues.

+ Always following coding rule standards.

+ Process coding review for lower level

+ Can be in charge of tester role for project as needed to delivery task on quality criteria

+ Be willing to learn new technology for new potential project based on LM’s assignment

+ Contributes to project team effort by accomplishing related team assignment as needed.


+ Bachelor’s degree from engineering school in Computer Science or related technical discipline (or equivalent)

+ At least 3 experience working years in software development industry

+ Understand D7&8 API

+ Know what we need to create new module or extend the existing one

+ How hook function work in theme

+ How to create new hook, override or extend existing hook

+ How to extend making module with flexible hook

+How to extend making theme with flexible hook

+ How to extent core server/ know how to extend or override

+ How to create complex configuration, alter the existing one

+ Can optimize with database layer, how to optimize the CSS+HTML

+ Can make the structure of files, folders.

+ English: at least Pre-Intermediate with 4 skills.


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